Medical Epic


Story behind the name

Epic combines art and history in a poetry story about heroic deeds. Medical Epic is telling the story about medicine as “The fine art of combining science and available tools to be employed on ailing people to getting them relieved”. 

Arena of Innovation...

Arena of Innovation is the Medical Epic’s slogan which is the guideline to choose the products provided, those products have to be evidence based in terms of SAFETY, EFFICACY & PRACTICE.

Medical Epic will be steadily expanding its portfolio with more specialties by getting premium medical products that match Medical Epic’s business theme.

A word of the founder

As a physician, I am committed to the first rule in Medicine


Treat your patient the way you like to be treated, the patient could be you, me or any of our loved ones. 

The three fundamental principles based on understanding that “every moment counts for every patient” are:

  • Vigorous pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs will improve health and benefit patients, the health care system, and the whole society.
  • New and better medical products can transform the treatment of devastating diseases and open a new horizon for Healthcare providers, this definitely will launch a competitive Arena for innovators, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and lower health care costs.
  • All such innovations and breakthroughs should be affordable, effective and proven treatments.

In the last two decades, many new treatment options have emerged that are having a profound impact on the lives of patients. Many of these advances transform what were once considered fatal illnesses into manageable conditions and, in some cases, even curable.

It was and still in my back mind to build something which could formulate a new approach that overcomes the cost against the value for medical services. Companies always say “Cost effective” which is true but unfortunately the cost is not always affordable by a majority of people especially in the developing countries; here I’d like to quote from the famous Egyptian philosopher and writer Taha Husain his most famous quote “Science is like water and air” (for life) but with my little modification “Medical services should be like water and air”. I was striving to implement this understanding during my business career as much as I could when I was working for some companies but definitely to a certain level.

Now I established my own business “Medical Epic” to implement all my thoughts and believes and design it the way I like. I always believe in “Goodwill brings nothing but Good things” once the goodwill is put into action.

Dr. Maged Hegab


Heading to a future of quality life with robust physical and mental health of all society bearing in mind and keeping an eye on being second to none healthcare supplier.



Focused dedication to render unique, innovative proven solutions to the healthcare providers furnished to untangle unmet medical needs to cure illnesses and save lives.  


Values are the framework where Mission and vision could be achieved through a package of ethical principles that guide the entire business’s operations; so we would rather name it “company’s core value system”.

company's core values

All Medical Epic members are obliged not only to strictly follow the company’s core values but also to promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. Here are the Company’s Core Values:

  • Integrity  Act with integrity keeping transparency in good faith, intellectual honesty and fairness
  • Accountability  Act with competence and diligence while taking responsibility for actions, decisions and their consequences.
  • Respect  Act respecting in an ethical manner the dignity, worth, equality, diversity and privacy of all persons whether public, family, clients, employers, employees and colleagues
  • Independence and Objectivity  Members must use reasonable care and judgement to achieve and maintain independence and objectivity in their professional activities. Members must not offer, solicit, or accept any gift, benefit or compensation that could compromise their own or another’s independence and objectivity.
  • Commitment demonstrate a high level of professionalism in fulfilling all obligations or promises simply it’s the word of honour. 

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